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The Scagliola technique is used to create the tonalities and veins of real marbles with a very natural effect. With Scagliola is possible to reproduce any type of stone to embellish walls, columns, plaster decor and furniture. If mixed with hydraulic lime it could be used for making kitchen countertops. It is polished to achieve a natural marble texture and shine. The Scagliola technique is almost forgotten. Today many people are trying to reproduce a marbling effect with paint or resins. The original materials are far superior to current synthetic imitations and it's mixed without using any chemicals. It can be applied to any standard construction substrate. We are specialized in mixing, installation and historical restoration.

This technique could be used for ornamental work which is considered by many the art it self. It is the highest achievement of plastering craftsmanship.

Fireplace mantel and roman brick in Scagliola Scagliola Columns Scagliola Fireplace Mantel  Marezzo Scagliola ( American Scagliola) Washington DCScagliola Travertine fireplaceScagliola Travertine fireplace