Acoustic, Sculptural, Ornamental and Polished Plaster and Stucco
Specialty Contractor

Techniques and Finishes

The materials that we use are made by leading European manufacturers: Baldini Vernici, Bianchi Lecco, Boldrini, Max Meyer and Armourcoat.

Also we mix and make our own materials where historically accurate finishes are needed in the restoration projects or in the new Scagliola, Ornamental plaster and Polished stucco application.

The most common application techniques that we use are:

Stucco Lustro (Shiny stucco)

 Stucco lustro is a term which refers to two slightly different types of materials and application process to achieve uniform and polished wall surface. Stucco Lustro is the Italian tradition of elegant luxurious wall finishes: Marmorino and Venetian Stucco ( In the United States know as Venetian Plaster) or better known in Italy as Spatolato. These finishes have some common characteristics, which give a sense of depth as well as transparency, due to the special techniques used in layering the plaster and the polished finish. 

Venetian Stucco

 Venetian Stucco / plaster ( Stucco Veneziano) is a term which refers to technique in polished stucco application. It is modern term to describe some of the techniques used to achieve polished stucco effect. In the origin country Italy is known as Stucco Lustro or Spatolato. Venetian stucco/plaster is made with natural materials. This finish is more delicate than Marmorino, and is therefore only for use on interior surfaces. Venetian stucco/plaster technique is used to achieve a more intense marbling and natural stone effect than Marmorino. The resulting surface is smooth and polished (mirror-effect) with strong contrasting variations. It can be applied in several colors. To achieve very smooth and shiny finish, we use of hundreds of trowel strokes per every square foot. Our methods of application and materials have been used for centuries in the Mediterranean region. Venetian stucco and Marmorino techniques are forgotten and we are trying to keep a piece of history alive.

  Spatolato Spatolato Spatolato Venetian Stucco